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Picardy Drive

With all the negative media these days, it is wonderful to find such a positive jewel in our own backyard.
-Laura Takeshita, Programming and Aquisitions Director, KTOP-TV Channel 10, City of Oakland

Got a copy of Picardy Drive from Laurel Bookstore--We enjoyed every minute! Especially loved the Potato- Potatoe "Picerdy vs. Picardy" part. What a refreshing break from all the negative media on Oakland. Thanks for all your amazing work!
-Vee and Ashley Thomsak from Brookdale Avenue in Maxwell Park

My family lived at 5881 Picardy in the late 1980s, and we  have many wonderful memories from that era. Every Christmas I get out the old videos that I recorded when we lived on Picardy. There's no Christmas like a Picardy Christmas, so I've found. I liked your video so much that I watched it twice on the same day. The tree lighting ceremony was nostalgic. It's what I remember most about living on Picardy because the ceremony and the reception gave us a strong sense of community that we haven't experienced since.
- Jim Corbett

I have just viewed it with my 97 year old Mother. We LOVED it and I would like to purchase one. My parents purchased 5822 Picardy in 1934 for $4750. in the middle of the depression. My Father and Grandfather sold houses for Mr. Hillen for a time. I have many wonderful memories of my childhood on Picardy -- we DID play on the islands and climbed the two big deodora trees regularly. I am still in touch with 4 childhhood friends from the street. By the way --- it is PICardy not PicARDY just as it is NORmandy and not NorMANDY.
- Carolyn Eakin

I saw your film, Picardy Drive on KQED. It was a wonderful slice of life about community. I have lived in SF for 19 years and community is one of the most difficult things to find and/or create here. Parts of it were moving for me.
- Chip Isaac

A family friend lived in Maxwell Park years ago and we used to take our children on a drive during Christmas seasons to see the lights. How wonderful that you took the time for this project.
- Nancy Dirito

I saw your piece tonight on KQED -- thought it was well done and a really warm, senitive story about that oasis in Oakland. Well told, well edited and thankfully not overdone with music. I felt like I could be a happy part of the neighborhood and will plan to see their houses next Christmas.
- John Goodall

My husband and I were born and raised in Oakland and Picardy Dr. was always the best place to go and see the Christmas lights and decorations.  It was one of our highlights at Christmas. We were both told the reason the street name changed to Picardy Dr. was because Mary Pickford (Actress) from Silent Films from the 1920's lived there.  Her house was the first on the right as you entered Picardy Dr. from Seminary Ave.  Mary Pickford's house was always decorated the best of any.  It was very elaborate and showy.
- Jan Morin

I got my copy of Picardy a week ago and just sat down to view it last night. You have exceptional instincts. It was a very even package with a consistent flow. I would not have expected to find that in a first time project. I'm certain there are many segments of Picardy that you agonized over. Please be assured that you've done a first class job and deserve as much praise as people can give. You are doing for the community what television should be doing, but isn't.
- Roy Trumball

I grew up in Oakland and fondly recall the light display. We would always drive down the street on Christmas night when returning from my Aunt's. How nice to have a documentary!
- Carolyn Parsons

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